Northern Kilns Delivery Service

we make sure to arrive at the nearest access pointWe get the vans to the nearest or easiest access.

With photographs via email and accurate measurements from both parties we can be prepared for the delivery and quote accurately.

This kiln was made to split into parts because of the route through the house. Our fully trained, experienced staff dismantle the kiln before transporting it safely through the house.

all kinds of challenges are overcome by our experienced delvery staff on an almost daily basis“Oh that’s big” is the normal response. Our kilns are built to last and in general have more insulation than our competitors. A better product, built to last with minimal running costs and maintenance.

25mm ply is laid down to protect floors and ensure no snagging on carpetsUp the garden across the pond and into the purpose built studio the kiln is nearly home. We help or even liaise with the electrician to make sure your kiln will reach all temperatures.

we always make sure that the kiln will fit physically before we startCare is taken to protect your property. If we know all the details in advance we can come prepared.

A good 25mm through the first door. The 90° turns always catch people out and remember the radiators that protrude out!

Double doors to studios and ceramic departments are always a nice sight. Below is the final maneuver before they are in their new home.