Kiln Design and Fabrication Services

Our designs are built to the highest standards in the industryOur product has gone from strength to strength.
We are approaching 40 continuous years in the ceramics, glass and kiln business. Quite a feat for a small firm in this competitive marketplace. We believe in a quality product that will serve you well. This is a key issue in our design. A substantial product, built to last.

We do not cost cut in design or in any of the components that make up the kiln. We shop for the best components on the market, so we can truly offer you the best of the best.

Highly trained craftsmen put your kilns togetherSolidly put together frames and hinges ensure a healthy lifespan of all our kilnsServicing and maintaining all makes of kiln from all over the globe lets us view first hand, good and bad designs. Our sister company is a working pottery where we can put any innovations through their paces.Heating elements and high quality insulation ensure smooth and constant heating and cooling Put the innovation, observation, quality components, high build finish, after sales service all into one product and pound for pound we believe you are getting more for your money from Northern Kilns.

Choosing your new kiln purely on cost may not prove to be the most prudent of decisions. We offer a proven design, built to last which will ensure that your new Northern Kiln will last those extra years and serve you better in the long run not just the short term.

We hope you will consider us here at Northern Kilns.