Raku & Burner Range

Northern kilns Raku kiln

Our Raku Kilns are built by us using the best materials available. Most are of single burner input design and are capable of 1200°C+. The kiln is built on a box section frame mounted on 100mm (4) easy glide castors for ease of movement. All lids have two handles and are completely removable.

We use an all brick construction for longevity, the brick being shaped by us to form a 'drum' and being held together and to the base by a mirror finish 0.9mm stainless stell wrap.

Burner trains are complete from bottle to Kiln.
Burners comprise of a variable regulator, pressure gauge, 3 meters of metal braided hose to a flame failure device and the straight burner (angle headed burners are available). Burners also come with a stand to give the correct height access to the Kiln.

As well as building Kilns we do supply materials to build your own.

Superwool 607 'body soluble' ceramic fibre, cheaper options are available.

Hand held battery powered digital pyrometers with closed head thermocouple £230.(replace with shop link when ready)

Any size made to order. Top hat Kilns also available
Glazes available

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