Glass - Fusion Glass Range

The Northern Kilns Fusion Range of Kiln Ovens

Formatted front or top loading, any size made to order fibre or brick designs for specialist applications. For a list of price please call us on 01253 790307

Benefits of buying a Northern kiln

  • Substantial frame - for longevity and reliability
  • Brick insulation for robustness
  • Body soluble fibre options for even higher efficiency
  • Top quality (from ozone friendly factories) insulation for brilliant economy
  • Well rated kiln for perfect performance
  • 315 controller for superb accuracy
  • Easy format controller for ease of understanding/use and fantastic flexibility
  • Industrial specifications Kanthal A1 elements for reliability
  • Keyless full power on/off safety switching for your safety
  • Elements mounted lengthway - no sag for trouble free even heating
  • Choice of door format
  • Integral stand with choice of hearth height
  • Multi-Zone control
  • Auto damping
  • Auto speed cooling
  • Choice of controllers
  • Elements to all faces / split power options
  • Personal delivery, positioning installation, commisioning and demonstration and tuition (where required)

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