Electric - Champion Front Loading Kilns

The Northern Kilns Champion Range

Built as the name suggests to be a Champion of Kilns. On visiting any traditional pottery it's easy to see the recipe for a long lasting 'trusty' kiln. A substantial frame, heavy gauge elements mounted in large groove bricks backed by plenty of quality back-up insulation. Substantial hinges giving 180° + door opening along with an impressive list of optional extras such as truck base, auto damping, zoned control, independent policeman control. An uncompromised design makes our Champion range the kilns setting the standard.

  • Uncompromised design, quality and specification
  • 178mm(7) of multilayer insulation. High efficiency and economy
  • Super single industrial spec elements made from Kanthal A1
  • A host of optional 'bling' extras: truck base, multizone control, auto damping, supa-cooling
  • Complete delivery and installation service
  • Maintenance contract
  • Helpline and tutorials
  • Value for money
  • Variable hearth height choice
  • Custom built sizes - bespoke kilns a speciality

Optional extras

Truck base on any size
Thermal interlock
Multi-zone control
Auto damping
Supacool ventilation/cooling
Independent policeman

NKFL96 3441.60

Our premium front loading kiln, built in a very subtainial craftsman finished mild steel frame, lined with premium 1400 grade hard brick backed by high efficicency combination backup, giving longevity, well rates elements giving excellent even firings.

Any size available made to order.

NKFL96 - 18" x 18" x 18"
3.37 cuf, 96 litres, 6kws 26A.

£2868 + VAT + delivery.

Please contact us for personalised quotation, 01253 790307 info@northernkilns.com
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