bricks 4.50

We can offer a choice of bricks fibre and materials

For more information please email
or phone on 01253 790307

Contactors POA

Various conactors in stock. Please phone for more information and help.

We will need to know KW rating and whether your kiln is single or three phase to recommend the correct contactor for you.

Please note modern controllers are heavy users of contactors. We recommend you replace them regularly.

Interlock switches

Interlock switches POA

We carry 3 ratings of interlock isolation kiln switches as standard complete with turn handle.

OrtonVentMaster POA

Orton Vent Master

It fits so good to a northern kiln!

Watch it in action on youtube - northernkilns

thermocouple POA

Various thermocouples in stock. We carry 'R' type as standard in
7"/180mm and
9"/230mm lengths.

S and K type also in stock

open and closed head

Wiring 0.00

Want a new controller on your old kiln?

We can help with various options . . .
Pre wired contactor loom
Wiring diagrams
New elements or new singles
New contactors, connectors, fibre, brick . . .
the list is endless

With 40 years in the business we can help. Give us a try . . .

For more information please email
or phone on 01253 790307

LASER 0.00

Does your Laser kiln need attention?

We can refurbish with brick lining, convert from propane to natural gas.

Contact us for more information
01253 790307